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    you can see the problem here :



    In what screen resolution does it occur? I can’t seem to see the issue on my end.




    Hi I just purchase this template and i have the some problem


    is there a way to fix this issue as the theme is no good to me this way.



    Can you please tell us in what resolution does this issue occur? Are you using Windows etc?




    Hi Its a 24″ IMac not sure of the res


    Hi fantasy,

    Is this only with Safari? I’ve tested the demo and my local installation with FF, Chrome and IE and I’m not able to get the same error. Can you give us the browser version you are getting the error with as well? maildeseb’s screenshot is in FF and I know the most recent update has cause a lot of issues so I want to rule out the single browser quirkiness as well.




    Hi Just checked its on all browsers it only shows when you click the next arrow on the top left


    its on all browsers, FF, Chrome and safari, but when you first go the gallery its ok. it only appears when you click on the next arrow on the top left


    Hi any update


    Hi fantasy,

    Thank you for checking. I’m still not getting the same error on my end but it may be a mac specific issue with the way it runs the javascript. I’ve sent the bug to Kriesi to take a look and have flagged him on this topic so he’ll be able to update once he has some new information.




    I noticed that on the first day the theme was released. Firefox on mac.

    At first it does not show but if you open all the demo’s front portfolio items after the 3rd or 4th the issue happens.

    I just checked it and the first 2 or 3 were fine then after I clicked the 3rd or 4th the next one showed to the right but interestingly it did not at first. (IMAGE LIST)


    Hi any update


    Hi can I get a refund



    We forwarded the bug reports to Kriesi. We don’t issue refunds but you can contact the envato support staff:

    Best regards,



    Hi All,

    Can you try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #ajax_container .ajax_slide {
    left: 150%;

    See if that helps the issue and let us know please :)




    Hi kind of worked it just, it just bushed it further away so i used


    i just used




    Good thing it worked. :)



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