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    Hi there,

    Im having issues with 2nd portfolio element on the front page created with the template builder.

    When an item is clicked on the 1st portfolio, the page loads properly in front of the viewer, however when an item is clicked on the 2nd portfolio element the page opens but it slides up to the top of the screen NOT in front of the viewer, actually behaving in a similar way to the scroll to top with the horizontal scroll and seems it sliding the page up to the 1st portfolio element, this is really annoying as the user can’t view the content in front of him and forcing him to scroll the page up & down to look for the content on that page.

    Is it possible to display 2 portfolio elements on the same page or not? I’v posted another thread and still no reply, so it doesn’t sound like a good support already, and I’m actually spending time here, I can’t believe it will not possible to display 2 or 3 portfolio elements on the same page, so I’m asking for a fix and if not a fix you can give so at least reply.

    It all be nice and beautiful regarding the theme but when it comes to support you shouldn’t ignore us as you spending people’s time and money..



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