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    I have a problem with the categorys. I have 2 category’s named: videos and photos. Normal you see 12 posts in 1 page. But by the category’s I can see only 10 posts and the other on page 2. See this picture then you understand what I mean: . So now I am missing 2 posts in the first page…

    How can I fix this bug?


    hey you need to change this from the wordpress option check

    admin/settings/reading/change it to 12 instead of 10



    It’s already set to 12 but it shows only 10 blog posts…

    By the homepage it works but by the category’s not.

    I think you are meaning by the WordPress menu and then expose options/Gallery options is that the same way?


    nope i mean the default wordpress setting

    its Setting/reading/then change the option from this page this will apply to category


    It works now :)

    Thanks for your help!


    you are welcome


    Thanks crazywp for helping us out :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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