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    What a great WP theme, thanks!

    But i have a little problem in the portfolio. I have added some portait and landscape sized images in my portfolio. But in the thumbnails the grey overlay is a different size than the coloured underneath. So with a mouse over it ‘jumps’ a little….

    How can i solve this? Thanks in advance, Paulus



    Do you have something online I can take a look at?


    Same issue here, – is there a particular size that portfolio images need to be uploaded as, as when i tried a different size the issue was lessened but i guess im a few pixels out?




    the images have the right size. This effect occurs since the latest update (1.1.1+) which uses standard canvas elements instead of the dynamic js canvas generation (which was removed because of performance reasons). However because of a bug in some browsers it seems like some of them can’t position this canvas element (= greyscale filter) properly and it shifts 1 or 2 pixel to the right. If Kriesi finds a solution he’ll fix it but he hasn’t found one yet.



    Is it just me or I don’t see any problem with the hover effects? I tested this on Chrome, Safari and Mozilla and found no difference. The portfolio item hover on this site seems to work alright.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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