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    I updated WordPress to the 3.7.1 version and a problem with the theme has appeared. When I’m creating a post, the function “add media feature” doesn’t work properly. When I upload an image by using this add media the next appears “The server closed the connection without sending any data.”. Then,in the media list neither the image nor the thumbnail appear. But it is in the post published. I could give you the credentials by private and sending a couple of screen captures if you want to takee a look deeper.


    I’ve checked another problem connected with this. When an image is uploaded in the post the resolution of this changes between the preview of the posts and when you are inside a single post.



    We’ll need to see the site live to get a look at what you mean for sure. You can respond with a private reply (set as private reply checkbox) and only we will be able to see.

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    I took a look live and with a bit of searching around it looks like a plugin conflict somewhere in there. You can try either deactivating all plugins at once and then re-activating them one by one or deactivating them one by one to find the conflict.

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    Please update your theme to version 1.6. You’re using version 1.5 at the moment which might not be compatible with wp3.7/8 (we didn’t test it).


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    Do you have the same issue if you switch to Twenty Twelve or Twenty Thirteen themes?

    I just ran across this same thing on a clients site today (though with an unrelated theme) and it ended up being because they were on a sub domain on their server and seeing that you are as well it *might* be the same thing though it could just be a coincidence.

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