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    I just recently updated my wordpress to version 3.6. After update all post icons, photos, and galleries are not displaying. Not to mention image slider.

    How can i fix this?



    Hi Qcor,

    The last version of WordPress that Newscast was updated for was WordPress 3.3 . I’m not sure if Kriesi plans to update Newscast at this point for 3.6+ but I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi and if you can provide a link to your site he can take a look and/or definitely say what Newscast update plans are.





    Hey! Do you have any plugins running? the theme works fine for me when using wordpress 3.6. no missing posts, icons, photos etc.

    Mind posting a link to your site?

    Best regards,



    sure. I just closed it after installing WP 3.6 because it become total mess. Now it open for you


    Hi Qcor,

    There are some javascript errors with your taxography plugin as well as some 404’s on 2 of your background images and the premium.css file from newscast.





    i know, i made some mess yesterday. But this errors are irrelevant to main problem, which is lack of photos and post icons on the page


    damn, it just started working… just like that.



    Maybe it as a browser cache issue. Glad it works now.

    Best regards,



    hmm, now the page doesn’t work at all… i can’t even login. Just like that. But i suppose this is no longer theme related issue. Or i’m wrong?



    It looks like wherever you put the google analytics code may not be the right place because its being thrown right into the html and css causing errors all over the place. Can you please remove the entire analytics block from where you placed it.

    You are using a plugin called taxography that is diseased with missing files . Terminate it.

    You got images that are missing <— this one actually says error when you try loading it <—-this css says error.

    You have major server issues, please contact your host. When a css file returns that kind of an error, only the server can be held responsible for evil of this magnitude.




    Ok, I fix that issues. I still have a problem with google code. Can u check that everything besides is working fine? This update to 3.6 was hard.


    You have this in your header.php (I’m guessing) which doesn’t have a closing script tag on it:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    // *** TO BE CUSTOMISED ***

    var style_cookie_name = "pmoto" ;
    var style_cookie_duration = 30 ;


    So add this right after that:


    So that your custom stuff there doesn’t cause the google code that is loaded after it to fail.



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