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    Hi. I have added a widget area in the Contact Page. I have inserted the first Google Maps widget and it works. Then, I need to insert a second map (the client has 2 locations) but when I have inserted it, it shows only the second one (the first one it shows the title and the area of the map is empty).

    Your theme is awesome, my english not so good :) Thanks in advance!



    On your second google map please try to use the text widget instead then insert the google map code there. :)




    Yeah, that’s a solution. But, the way that it shows the map is different, and the client is gonna ask why. Another solution?



    It seems like the google map api doesn’t allow to insert 2 maps at the moment (otherwise you’ll see just one map and the script outputs a warning). I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi – maybe certain parameters, etc. are required to display multiple maps.


    Thanks a lot. I’ll apreciate a solution.



    I’ll close this thread now. Kriesi can reopen it anytime.





    Hey! I improved the widget, next update will allow multiple maps on the same page ;)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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