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    I have got some problems with Enfold:
    1. I need some custom icons to display on my site, I have imported some from fontello, but they doesn’t appear correctly on firefox and ie, you can see it here:
    I want enfold to be my corporate site and without that I will not be able to use it :(
    2. Parallax effect doesn’t work on ie (8, 9)
    3. I need some icons to display at my top menu – I have always been using Menu Image Plugin (and it works fine on my every theme) but on enfold it doesn’t appear (the possibility to add an image shoud be visible at the appearance – menu – menu item, but it isn’t).

    Plugins that I’m using on my site:
    contact form 7
    contact form db
    menu image
    Uji Countdown
    T(-) Countdown
    Wufoo Shortcode Plugin
    Really Simple CAPTCHA
    Safe Redirect Manager
    WordPress MU Domain Mapping
    Cron GUI
    Crony Cronjob Manager
    Network Shared Media

    I have got WP MultiDomain instalation.

    I would really appreciate your help.


    Hi Globema!

    1) The font icons are loaded from a different domain ( ). Make sure that all font files are loaded from the same domain or change the htaccess settings

    2) Thanks, I reported it to Kriesi.

    3) You can use the “Icon” shortcode (magic wand icon in the TinyMCE toolbar) to add icons to your menu titles/links.



    Hi Peter!

    Thank you for your help.

    3. I know that I can use icons, but I need some pictures with hover effect (for example for flags – I don’t use WPML but have different sites on different domains and want to use top menu as a navigation between them) – Menu Image Plugin worked great for me… Is there a way to do this?




    Thank you for using the support forum.

    Looks like you need to do it using the icons shortcodes. I’m sorry but we don’t usually provide support for third party plugins as stated on support scope policy. Honestly we’re not familiar with different variables at play when using another author’s plugin so it takes time to provide possible solutions. Because of this, any questions you have regarding setup, integration, or troubleshooting any piece of functionality that is not a native theme function will to be redirected to the plugin author or its forum community.

    Thank you for your understanding.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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