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    Hey, i have a problem with my first created slide at LayerSlide in EnfoldTheme.

    I did all the necessary configurations at the “layer styles” with the LayerSlider WP. Example image below:

    But, on the website, all images are with +70px in “left” property

    Ex. .ls-s-1 img {… left:70px}

    How do i fix that?


    Hey Erich!

    The slider looks properly positioned when I check it. I don’t see the +70px position added to the left. This is what I see:

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael, the problem is the difference between the Left value on the user browser and value in the LayerSlide (WP). See the images below:

    That image is that you sent me, and the respective value of the Left property:

    And that is the original Left property setted on the WP:

    In the case of your browser, the img is indicated with a diference of +104.5px, in my case was +70px, but the real value must be 0px.

    Thanks for you respond. Expecting your return. :D



    Please try adding 0!important to left value in LayerSlider options and check if that helps


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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