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    I don’t know if you can help me with my issue but I bought the Product Bundles Plugin for Woo Commerce ( ) about 3 weeks ago and since then I cannot really incorporate it successfully into my sites that are set up using Woo Commerce, although I have gone through the documentation and did everything correctly.

    I have set up a test platform using Abundance theme 1.5 by Kriesi while I have updated to the latest WooCommerce version and also the latest version of the Product Bundles plugin 2.22

    I was really expecting more of a help from Woo helpdesk since I have created a test platform to find out what is wrong with this issue and gave them the login details to look further into this matter.

    is there a private way to send you over the login details of the test platform?

    in the bundle product I had already set up a price of 500 pounds

    right now I also added a sales price of 300 pounds since this is what I want to effectively create in the end, while the “per item pricing” option is unchecked.

    you can check the bundle product here

    and the variable products to be included in it and already set up in the back-end of the bundle product are:


    there are no other active plugins in the test platform.

    Your help would be much appreciated since this is a paid plugin and I was expecting to work without any issues and I would really haven’t contacted you if the Woo helpdesk was not replying to my emails every 48+hours with no decent proposals/solutions to this.

    Thank you a lot for your help in advance,




    Just now I had a confirmation from both Woo and the developers of the Plugin ( that most probably the main incompatibility issue lies with the Abundance theme as when I deactivate Abundance and activate Twenty Eleven the bundle product shows up correctly.

    Please advice on this matter.




    Please elaborate – I’m not sure how the plugin should work. I checked the page here: and it seems like it combines two products on one page and you have to select a variation of each product before you can add the “bundled” product to the cart. However that’s working for me so I’m not sure what’s missing right now.


    Hey Dude,

    I finally managed to solve this yesterday and unfortunately did not update the thread here.

    the thing is that the bundled product plugin extension was (is) incompatible with Abundance and this is really a disadvantage of the theme since I expected that every plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce would not cause a bug with Abundance. And I am not talking about third party plugins but about those who are paid and featured as premium extensions on the Woo site.

    thank you for your time on this,




    Glad that you solved the issue. Unfortunately not all extensions are compatible (out of the box) with our themes because Kriesi removed/changed some default woocommerce hooks. Sometimes you need to remove/reregister existing actions/filters of the extension.

    If you can post your solution here it may help other users too.


    Oh yes please, since I’m very bad at finding out why’s buggin after updates…



    @boudoirs: What kind of issue do you have on your woocommerce installation?





    I’d also be interested in the solution to this problem; I have the plugin, but have as yet not created any bundles.





    I’ll soft close this topic. Bill can post a solution if he likes to.

    Best regards,


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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