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    I understand that the Flashlight theme uses post meta to store information about the images that display on the single product page. I am migrating over from a different theme, and all of my images are already uploaded. Is there a way to somehow use the Product CSV importer in conjunction with database SQL magic to link up these images? I switched over to the new theme, and I love it aesthetically, but all of my products do not have images showing. Under the Featured Image area, all of my product images are arranged in the previous galleries, but I cannot use those and have to use the new uploader (that only lets you select from computer). I understand this is an older issue, and I have read through all previous posts, hopefully I’m providing some newer insight.

    I did some digging around, and I think this is the flow:

    1a. List a product (new products using the avia framework). This creates a unique post_id under “posts” table. In postmeta table, the same post_id is associated with a unique meta_value.

    1b. Old items being migrated do not have this entry created under “postmeta”

    2a. Another entry is created in “posts” with a unique ID (different from post_id), but has a value called post_title (styled: “avia_smart_gallery_of_post_meta_value”). This meta_value links this to the post_id.

    2b. Old items being migrated do not have this entry created under “posts”

    3. When images are added, unique entries are created under “posts” with unique ID (different from above ID and post_id). post_parent value links this image entry to step 2.

    Thus in a roundabout way, the image (step 3) is linked to an custom-created (and seemingly unnecessary – please feel free to bash me later about this) identifier in post_meta (step 2) that is then linked to the post_id in “posts” (step 1).

    The trouble here is I don’t want to manually create these separate entries (steps 1b and 2b) for each item that existed previously to link the images (step 3).

    Can anything be done to help speed up this migration? Why on earth did kriesi do it this way (sorry bro had to call you out on this one, the rest of the theme is beautiful though)?



    I marked this thread for Kriesi’s attention.

    Best regards,



    Hey! Sorry there is currently no way I can thing of to speed up the migration.

    The reason the theme behaves as it does is because of the sucky default gallery implementation of wordpress which automatically uses all images uploaded to an entry an dI thought I could at least change it to a way that a user has a dedicated gallery for each post and still can upload images to the post.

    To be honest: it wasnt probably the best execution, I totaly agree with you on that one, but by now there is not much I can do. I coul definitley implement the new gallery/slideshow system but that would break the old version, and cause distress for 2500 customers, so I decided against it…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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