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    How can I insert a product slider in a page? I am using WooCommerce together with Replete. Is there any kind of short code to place a product slider like here (http://www.kriesi.at/themedemo/?theme=replete) with featured products?



    Go to Template Builder > Select a templage > Add the “Product Slider” element. :)




    It’s in the template “Frontpage” but it does not appear in the start page.


    Hi JonCimen,

    Can you create a temporary admin account and send the login details to sighlence13[at]gmail[dot]com and also, include a link to this thread. I would like to inspect it further.




    I have just sent you an email with the needed information.


    Hey JonCimen,

    Make sure the page you have designated as the home page in the theme options also has the Frontpage template selected on that page when viewing it in the editor view.





    Thank you! This was the solution!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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