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    I have a site at There is a product called “anchor”, which has metal and stone variations. One of the stone variations is ‘PLAIN”. The drop-downs are sorted alphabetically so that “PLAIN” is in the middle when we’d like it at the top. Even if i drag the two “PLAIN” variations to to the top it’s still alphabetical, even though i have the Woocommerce settings to “custom+alphabetical”

    Any ideas how i can fix this aside from adding a character to the front of the name?



    Hi Bearcat!

    Thank you for using our theme.

    I found a plugin

    We did not test it. Maybe it solves your problem.

    Best regards,


    I tried this plugin, and unfortunately it didn’t change the display order for me. It did however do something to the site that made the “add to cart” button invisible on all items with variations.

    I disabled and then uninstalled the plugin and the cart buttons are still missing.

    Any help?



    Looking at the bug reports, i’m not the only one with this problem. A bug report was filed on it 2 weeks ago and no response has been made by the plugin developer.

    I’d recommend, not recommending this plugin.

    Thank goodness i have updraft backup installed or else i’d be in a lot of trouble.



    Thank’s for the information – and sorry for the troubles you had. We certainly will not give any further information about this plugin in the future.

    WooCommerce does not offer the possibility to change the order in the core up to now. And our theme does not hook into that.

    So if you really need this, you will have to hire a php freelancer.

    Best regards,

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