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    Hi there,

    We’ve been having some slowness issues with our site so we updated the theme, woo-commerce, and WordPress today. As of today, we should be using the newest versions of all.

    After the update we can no longer see the products in our shop anywhere where they are supposed to appear: shop page, homepage (dynamic template). Says “No products found which match your selection.” I have checked all of the settings in WooCommerce to ensure the product catalog is set to the shop page. Don’t know if this is a WooCommerce issue or a theme issue or a compatibility issue. Nevertheless, because its an ecommerce site, we can’t afford to be down.


    Thanks so much!


    I should add that the website is: http://www.kendrareneejewelry.com/



    The website is on maintenance mode. Have you tried updating a single product?



    Hi there,

    I turned on maintenance mode as we work out the issue. Updating the product helped a little – I now see the description and product image, but I still DON’T see a “add to cart” button, or drop down with options. Still, none of the Woo widgets are working.

    I can give you access to the backend if you think you can help me resolve this?





    Please post the login credentials as private reply – we’ll look into it.



    Hi Dude,

    I was able to fix this! Even though I had pulled the updated Woo into the plugins folder, and even though the backend said the most current version, I actually had to run the update behind the big pink button at the top of the page!





    Glad it is working now. :)


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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