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    Hello – We aquired the propulsion theme via the theme forest and it doesn’t now work for some reason when we updgraded to the new wordpress 3.5.1 version

    could you take a look and let me know how to update the theme files.

    and let us know what you think could be the problem. We are charity and naturally our website is really important for our work. Thank you for your time


    Hi gautam_shoe,

    It looks like there are some incorrect permission settings on the theme files/wordpress files. For example:

    Should be accessible by itself.

    Contact your hosting provider and see if they can help you change the contents of your wp-content folder to chmod 755 or if whatever they will allow so that the contents can be accessed and viewed correctly.




    Hi Devin, Thank you for your help and advice. I’ve made some permission changes. Please could you take another look. In particular, on the main page

    The slideshow should have a pop out when you click on any of the images, and where some images say ‘click her to watch video’ it should stream those vimeo and youtube videos without opening a new page showing where those videos are hosted. I would appreciate if you could suggest how to fix this



    It looks like its working fine on the buttons. For the images in the slideshow, you just need to set the link for it to Link Manually and then put in the video url in the field that appears next to that dropdown (in the “Show” section of the image for each slideshow image).



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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