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    I am developing locally using MAMP Pro. I have installed WordPress and then the Propulsion theme. Next I added the 2 recommended plugins – the Woocommerce plugin and the bbpress plugin.

    I have a 2 different conflicts arising with the Propulsion Theme activated:

    1. Propulsion Theme + Woocommerce Plugin = whenever I go to “Save all changes” in any of the Propulsion Them Options I get a messages saying “Saving didnt work! Please wait a few seconds and try again”, I wait a few seconds, try again and I get the same message.

    2. Propulsion Theme + Woocommerce Plugin +bbpress Plugin = blank white page/ viewport, nothing, not even an error message. Only way to resolve this is to remove one of the plugins manually from the plugin directory and refresh the page which in turn lets me know that the plugin is missing.

    — Number 2 conflict occurs with any theme activated not just Propulsion.. AnyTheme + Woocommerce Plugin +bbpress Plugin = blank white page/ viewport, nothing, not even an error message.

    So to do any modifications to the Propulsion Theme Options on this local install I have to have to deactivate the Woocommerce Plugin.

    I have also uploaded the same installation onto a server which results NO CONFLICTS what so ever when all plugins are activated.

    Anyone else experienced this problem or have any suggestions on how to get the Propulsion Theme running with both recommended plugins activated on a local disk with MAMP Pro running.



    Currently having the same issue. No idea how to fix it yet. Will post back if I find anything. Any luck on your end?


    @pezmartinis – no luck on my end as yet, still searching.


    It turns out problems are caused by the PHP memory limit. This can be easily resolved by increasing the limit within the php.ini file using MAMP Pro.

    Instructions here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -mamp-pro.html




    Glad that you found the problem :) – basically if this kind of issue occurs check the allocated php memory and php execution time settings first – most likely you need to increase these values.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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