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    The notification banner that appears until a visitor closes it is a nice touch. On the propulsion theme, I tested the box grey style setting. The banner appears over the sub-nav menu. If the customer does not click away the welcoming banner, then the banner ends up hiding the account, check out, cart, etc. links. I had a customer try out the test site that could not see instant access to his shopping experience w/ those links hidden.

    I modified the banner that comes with woocommerce to display notifications but the customer does not have the option to make that banner go away. Also, I rather have it so that other users of the site can easily modify the banner through the theme itself. Any way to re-locate the included banner with Propulsion to the top of the screen so it does not hide the sub-nav bar?


    Hi Californiasurfboy,

    I’m not really sure what you mean. The “Top Banner Message” that is built into Propulsion can be turned off for all customers if you leave the field blank in your main Propulsion Theme Options. By default, it shows up at the very top of the site already.

    If you wanted to make the notification appear underneath the top banner bar (so it doesn’t cover the menu or cart) you could add the following to your Quick CSS:

    top: 40px;


    Hello Devin,

    I entered that CSS code in the “QUICK CSS” option and it does what I needed it to do. I wanted to be able to use the top message banner without having it block the sub-nav links. Your tip solves my issue. =D Thank you.


    Great! :)


    How would you have the notification bar show up before the menu/cart bar? Closing the notification bar should push the whole page upwards.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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