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    I have built a website for a client using Propulsion. Now they need it in another language too. I found threads stating Propulsion and WPML works fine.

    I bought WPML and startet looking into it on a localhost copy of that clients homepage.

    The first issue I ran into: When I try to add Images to the “Features Media” Slideshow of a translated page, only the first image is stored, all other images disapear from the slideshow after the page is saved.

    Same problem with portfolio-items.

    Adding more than one images to slideshow on a page in original language works fine.

    PLEASE help. Thank you!

    WordPress 3.6

    Propulsion 2.1

    WPML 2.9.1



    Did you switch to the other language when you add the images?

    Please refer to this link: http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/callout-translation-wpml#post-77814





    thank you!

    When creating a Translation of a Page I assumed the Backend switches automatically to this Language (English in my Case, German was original) – because I see the english flag is shown on top in the admin bar while editing the page.

    This is very misleading!

    I need to go back to ‘All pages’, switch to English (in the admin bar) and THEN select and edit the Page.

    NOTE: For me as user I cannot spot a difference — as before, I see the english page content and I see the english flag in the admin bar! It’s looks exactly like before, but this time adding more than one Image to Slideshow works.

    This is annoying but at least it seems to work.

    Thank you for your hint.





    Glad you figured it out. Yes, it is a bit frustrating working with WPML. Glad you figured it out. Yes, it is a bit frustrating working with WPML. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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