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    In a previous thread, DUDE indicated that WPML would work better with Kriesi’s themes and that WPML‘s support was better. In order to make sure WPML would do what I needed it to do, I asked some pre-purchase questions of the folks at WPML. That ended up being nothing but frustrating. I couldn’t get a straight answer to my questions and all they kept doing was pushing the expensive $79 “pro” version — even though all I need is some basic functionality (that qTranslate provides free).

    SO… DUDE mentioned some possible issues with qTranslate, but I’m wondering what the real, serious issues would be. Is there something in Kriesi’s themes that qTranslate would break?

    While it appears that WPML is a bigger organization than qTranslate and they have a different philosophy of translation coding, it is terribly frustrating when all their support people want you to do is buy their premium product — at a price that is nearly twice what I’d give Kriesi for the theme!



    I didn’t test qtranslate with Choices and newer themes yet and (to be honest) I’ve no plans to investigate all issue with qtranslate in the near future. Based on user reports which I received via mail and the support forum I know that some things don’t work properly – some issues are caused by the missing theme integration and some others are caused by bugs in the qtranslate code. The conclusion is that I can’t promise that qtranslate will work with our themes and that we don’t support this plugin (because it would take hours to understand how the plugin works). If any issues arise with qtranslate you’ll probably need to fix the issue by yourself or hire someone to do this for you because we’re not familiar with the plugin code (neither Kriesi nor the rest of the support staff).

    Probably the reason why they don’t answer pre-sales questions is that WPML offers a 30 days money back guarantee and you can try it for free without any obligations or risks.




    Whilst I appreciate you “can’t promise” that qtranslate will work with choices, can you make such a promise about any translation plug-ins?


    Choices supports WPML – Kriesi and the WPML devs work together to make all new themes fully compatible with WPML (including portfolio post meta, etc).


    Thanks. I will look into those. Qtranslate does cause me problems now so I need another option that is stable.



    Did Kriesi ever put together instructions or a video on how to set up WPML into the themes?





    I’ll ask him – I haven’t seen such a tutorial video yet.

    Best regards,


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