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    I am getting worried that there are too many thumbnails for every picture uploaded in the gallery. If the thumbnails generation a WP or theme function. At the moment for every image upload I see:







    If in a gallery I have 100 pitcure, it now means more than 700 images in the folder simply for one gallery. I am worried that after some time we are going to run out of space. Can I control the amount of thumbnails that are generated on upload within the theme or within the WP code itself? Let me know what files to modify. I only want the single thumbnail or the gallery and the full image…no variations in between.

    And about the gallery…has anybody found a better way to store the images instead of year/month/1000s of images and have each gallery inside its own folder?



    The way that images are handled is down to the WordPress core team. If you feel that there are too many images, you can remove / merge some of the sizes in functions.php (as well as adjusting all references to the modified image sizes) or use an external host (eg a CDN) to take care of images.

    Most hosts won’t have an issue with the amount of space you use on the server.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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