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    First of all, good job on the themes!!

    I got the Corona theme to try out and replace my old flash portfolio. And am now testing it out, and working on the layout. However I do have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

    Keep in mind that I’m not a web designer/coder. Even though I was already able to find some fixes thanks to this forum. There are still some points I’m stuck on. This is also my first wordpress site and experience with wordpress.


    question support image:

    1) Is it possible to adjust the space/padding between the portfolio titles and “read more ->” text on the portfolio overview(s)? I would like to make it smaller. since I like to have a compact frontpage/overview.

    2) how hard is it to move the “read more ->” button around? maybe even get it on the image itself?

    This is not a bug issue, so if it is a lot of work. then skip it.

    3) on the portfolio overview/front page. the thumbnail don’t auto “play” or “rotate” to the next image. At the moment you have to click the play button manually to get it started. How do I enable this?

    4) Any tips on how to speed up lightbox? maybe my images are too big, I went with a max of 1600×1600 res.

    5) in lightbox, I don’t really like the layout of the buttons. For example I keep pressing the fullscreen button when I want to close it instead. any options to change this or change other lightbox settings?

    6) when lightbox is open, and you click on the image it is showing. It will go to the previous or next image. however, is it possible to change this so when you click on the image that it closes lightbox?

    8) in lightbox there are small preview images at the bottom to show everything in that same portfolio item. is it possible to disable them? (perhaps you know a good website with how to adjust lightbox?) EDIT: solution found at

    8.5) perhaps you know a good website with how to adjust lightbox?

    7) The horizontal ruler space (using dynamic page) has a lot of space and padding around it. How can I adjust this and make it smaller?

    I think that’s about it. Perhaps I will have more for later. But these should really help me out already and learn more about where to find things. Looking forwards to your answers.

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Robert Berrier



    1) Add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS

    .template-portfolio-overview .entry-content{margin-top:-5px;}

    2) Instead of the previous try this:

    .template-portfolio-overview .entry-content {
    margin-top: -50px;
    z-index: 2 !important;
    margin-left: 10px;

    You can play with those values to put it where you want. Just increase the negative value and/or the margin-left value. The z-index makes sure it is on top of the image.

    3) Some others also requested this feature. We’ve asked Kriesi to look into it. For now it’s not possible to activate the autoslide feature on “overview” pages.

    4) The image-rotation speed or the actual loading time? I can only advise to reduce the image size for faster loading. Let us know if you want to speed up the rotation.

    5) In coronajsavia.js you’ll find

    elements.prettyPhoto({ "theme": 'premium_photo', 'slideshow': 5000 }); /* facebook /light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square

    Change premium_photo to any of the words between /* and */

    6,8,8.5) I don’t have a direct answer, you can ask the guys who created the PrettyPhoto effect (of which Kriesi is part, but we’re not support for it) Find them here.

    7) In your custom.css or Quick CSS you can add



    Hi Chris,

    This is the good stuff, thanks!

    Will be doing some more tweaking to the website this week.

    Thanks again,

    Robert Berrier



    Even though things are coming along nicely on my site with the Corona theme. I have however found what seems to be a bug.

    I am trying to use shortcodes to get a “content slider” intro a “tabbed content” shortcode structure. However, no matter what I try this will break the “content slider”. You can find an example of this at the bottom of:

    The code I am using is:


    [tab_container initial_open=”1″]

    [tab title=”t1″]

    [slideshow ]

    [slide title=”s1″]s1 content goes here.[/slide]

    [slide title=”s2″]s2 content goes here.[/slide]



    [tab title=”t2″]t2 content goes here.[/tab]

    [tab title=”t3″]t3 content goes here.[/tab]


    I also tried that piece of code on other pages, but still the same broken result.

    The forum search gave me this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -only

    So I tried to reset some of the possible altered files to their “fresh install” state, but no effect.

    Any tips on how to fix this?


    Robert Berrier



    yes, currently content sliders can’t be put in tabbed content structures.


    too bad, thanks for letting me know :)


    Robert Berrier

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