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    I figure this one a custom job so can you give me a quote pleae. Client wants this


    Coded into the new website I’m doing for them:

    I’ve managed this so far:

    Which obviously is a total mess. I can’t take it any further. It needs to be closely spaced and colour coded like the original but have the same formatting as the enfold theme.

    Can yoiu email me a quote please




    Hello Masten!

    You can hire a freelance developer on http://www.microlancer.com/ or even try to find on ThemeForest forums. I believe that would be faster. But i will tag rest of the team anyway.




    Either Microlancer or if you want a custom quote Codeable.io which is where I most frequently freelance at are your best bets.



    Hi guys

    Oik. Got it. Wil have a look at those later.

    Why not have a ‘get some custom code done’ section here where you can take requests directly. Just an idea.





    Because we don’t want to be responsible if the freelancer fails and we want to avoid that someone thinks we offer an “official customization service”.

    From time to time I can help out with customization work but right now I’m too busy because I already work on some customization projects and I need to work on the Enfold 2.4 update :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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