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    How do i add rates to my shipping classes?

    I have created some shipping classes and gone to woocommerce, shipping methods but cant figure out how to add the rates?



    I think you need to buy this extension: Table rates shipping

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    Can you not add basic rates to this theme ? What are the shipping classes for if you cant give them a value ?



    Hey! Unfortunately I am not sure what exactly you want to accomplish and if its possible with the default woocommerce plugin, but in case of doubt I would recommend to visit the woocommerce help forum and ask if what you want to do is possible without an extension. – to register an account for the forum just click the free download button and fill out the form


    thx for your reply.

    On my Products page I have created 6 shipping classes. I wanted to give them rates which i thought u could do on the shipping page.

    But when i click on the + Add flat rate button nothing happens. I thought this was where I could set it up but maybe i have misunderstood.

    Right now i am stuck with just a default flat rate.


    Hi geof6,

    I think Kriesi is right in that you might need to check with WooCommerce forums/documentation on that. I don’t have much experience with setting up the shipping classes on WooCommerce myself, but I know the extensions are usualyl pretty high quality and others have been satisfied with their added functionality.


    Thx for the help. I downloaded the table rate shipping and now I can setup my rates.



    Glad the team could help, let us know if there’s anything else :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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