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    Somewhere I read that a large (100+ pages) page website probably should use a mega menu. I am starting over with our site on Enfold because the menu stopped working properly at 122 pages. Never figured out why. However, it was NOT a mega menu.

    I decided there were advantages to starting over. I’ve already learned a lot. However, this menu problem still confounds me.

    Can some one tell me the advantage to using to mega menu with a large site, and how to set it up properly? The pages are simple, there’s just a lot of them.


    Hi Katherine!

    You will always have issues with your main menu if it has 100+ items. WordPress just tends to start having issues processing and saving that many items.

    Otherwise its for user experience and how you want to show the menu data.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Devin. Do you have a guide to making and using megamenus? I searched Google and also your site, but found none that weren’t about plugins. Which is another question: Do you think I should use a plugin, why, and which one?

    Thanks again. Kathy



    Please see – http://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67651241



    The video doesn’t spell out why one would want a mega menu. More to the point, the tutorial shows only one item in the nav menu: “Home.” I will have about eight or nine. So is each of these a mega menu?

    and so on.


    I was going to attach a screenshot but don’t see how to do so. At any rate, here is another aspect that confuses me. At the bottom of the menu, there are these settings. I do not understand what they mean.
    (I’d been checking the “enfold main menu” button, but a website over 100 pages no longer is able to use this function. So I need to use something different, which I understand should be a mega-menu.)

    Menu Settings

    Auto add pages
    Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu WHY WOULD I CHECK THIS?

    Theme locations
    Enfold Main Menu
    Enfold Secondary Menu WHAT IS THIS?
    (Will be displayed if you selected a header layout that supports a submenu here)
    Enfold Footer Menu
    (no dropdowns)



    Auto add pages means that every time you create a new page, it will be added automatically to the menu. The Theme Location specify where you want the menu to show. Enfold Main Menu means that the menu will be use on the header as main menu. Enfold Seondary Menu is the menu on top of the header along with the phone number and social icons. Enfold Footer Menu is quite obvious. If you’re having issues with menu limit, you can ask your host to increase max_input_vars to at least 5000. This will make sure that you can add at least 400 menu items.

    Best regards,


    What does a mega menu do that a regular menu does not?
    Earlier, you said: “You will always have issues with your main menu if it has 100+ items. WordPress just tends to start having issues processing and saving that many items.”

    This does not sound like a host issue. It sounds like WordPress issue.

    Please tell me what I need to do to ensure that a website with 100+ pages will display properly. This is pretty critical. I need to set this site up properly. If you allow telephone calls, that might be quicker than this back and forth.

    Thanks, Kathy

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    I can’t really elaborate more on the menu issue as I don’t really know the root cause. In general its bad user experience to have that number of main menu items in general so it doesn’t come up very often. When it has come up we have found that it doesn’t matter what theme is being used and it isn’t something we can help fix.

    Ultimately its up to you, the end user, to use whatever menu you feel works best for your site.

    WordPress automatically adds every single page to the menu area because that is the way its set up. Once you add your own custom menu it replaces that auto generated one.

    You can read more about general WordPress Menus manager here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Menus_Screen


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