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    How can I redirect a form submission to say /thank-you to track it in google analytics? or is there a better way to do this and still have it tracked as a conversion in google analytics? Thanks!


    Also is it possible to store form responses in the database similar to the plugin Contact Form DB


    Hi glozemedia,

    That isn’t currently an option for the contact form builder. You would need to use something like Gravity Forms to create a more customizable form system that can also save the data.




    I’m testing the Gravity Forms but it doesn’t seem to re-size to the screen (fill in the column) like your form does or contact form 7. Do we have to code responsiveness ourselves?




    Yes, unfortunately, you might need to do the responsiveness codes yourself. You can hire a freelance developer to do the job for you.





    I had a question and bug fix.

    Can we load our own font icons and google fonts into the theme?

    I found a bug when loading a portfolio in ‘open a preview of the (known as AJAX portfolio)’ mode. When I click on the thumbnail it pops out, then click on a +toggle to open the text, then click on the X to close, then scroll all the way down to testimonials. The testimonial thumbnails don’t load all the way, it stays small and faded. It could be an issue with the AJAX portfolio.




    I’m not getting the same bug when viewing the site and going through those same steps. It could be a browser specific issue or even browser+OS. But we would need to re-create it to diagnose it.

    As for loading in other font icons or google fonts yes you can through any outside method you want. So hard coding in the google include to the header.php or using a plugin to do it for you.

    The same with using an outside icon font as well.

    If you have any other questions outside of the main topic here just make a new post and we’ll address them there. For easier searching and support response we try to keep topics to individual issues.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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