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    How do I go about reducing the size of the logos used for the our partners section. Also, underneath the logos, there is a dark black line. is it possible to remove that as well?


    Hi biggatings,

    For the size of the logo, kindly add this code in your Quick CSS (under Theme Options > Styling) or custom.css:

    .partner_list .flex_column.no_margin.one_fifth {
    width: 15%;

    or, if the code above doesn’t work, use this instead:

    .partner_list .flex_column.no_margin.one_fifth {
    width: 15% !important;

    The default size is 20%, just adjust the width value. You can use px instead of %.

    For the dark black line, I’m not sure if you are referring on the border wrapping the partner logo.





    Thanks. I tried the second css code and it worked. As for the dark line, take a look at http://www.msquaredja.com/dagl and look under the logos, you will see the line. Now, I have reduced the width of the logos to 15%, how do I make them centered in the page and brought up closer to the slider?





    To remove the border, add this on your quick css.

    #footer .container {
    border: none;

    To adjust the logos’ position you can use this

    .content.twelve.alpha.units.template-dynamic.template-dynamic-frontpage {
    margin-left: 100px;
    margin-top: -20px;

    Adjust the left and top border.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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