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    I have used Register Plus Redux to created custom registration fields
    I have Replete theme and when i added the custom fields to the plugin the theme form picked up on it and displayed fine.great

    However using this form 2 things happen that I would love to resolve
    1: the admin verification doesnt work eg you are logged in straight away without any approval from admin
    2: the custom fields are not admin

    Using this form
    everything works as it should and everything is stored correctly etc

    Just wondering if you knew how to get the theme form working so that the fields populate the relevant field in the admin and the verification works ?


    Hey fiachramccloskey!

    Please contact the plugin author for help. I’m not familiar with the plugin and I also don’t know why it’s not working.



    Thanks for the reply, i contacted him as well and he hasn’t got to that functionality yet. so if anybody else is interested its a great plugin but it has it limitations

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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