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    we are considering the use of the enfold related posts feature. can you direct me to some information pertaining to how the feature works? if not, can you please answer the following questions?

    how many related posts are displayed?

    can the number of related posts be controlled (specifically, can we set it to display 5)?

    how does it choose which related posts to display (ie if there are 10 possible posts, does it select at random, or always show the same posts?)

    where does it pull the related post image from? can it be set to pull the featured thumbnail image for the post as defined in the wordpress image library?

    my apologies, but we’d like to have an idea of this before we undertake the arduous task of redefining our tag structure to work with the feature.




    By default, 8, you can change that and other settings in this file: includes/related-posts.php (line 13-16).

    The relationship is based on Tags.

    The image is the thumbnail image defined in the Post edit page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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