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    Using Newscast. Each of our blog posts are events. We use two types of images.

    – one large one that goes in the slider and that is usually the Featured image

    – one smaller image, usually same as the Featured one but half size and is at the top of our post, that image is linked manually.

    When the event is passed and we post pictures, the gallery shows the Featured image as one of the pictures in the gallery and I would like to avoid this. What would you recommend doing instead? I was thinking of creating a custom field with the URL of the featured image on the server instead. The issue is that for example if you are re-using the same image for a certain city event for example you end up uploading that image as the featured image every time and if you point to the URL of the image you get the full image in the gallery as well.

    I can make changes to the code myself but I was wondering what you thought about this and how you would approach it. I like the current image gallery so I am not looking to replace it but I would like to be able to exclude the Featured image from the gallery…what would you recommend and which files would you think I should look at?

    thanks in advance



    The Featured Image is something I would leave alone as the Featured Image so images are sized correctly and displayed as they should be.

    I would consider a gallery plugin for the extra images, or (if you’re really comfortable with PHP) maybe use a separate Custom Post Type for the images or custom fields to add the extra images.




    hmm I wonder if I could adapt my previous lightbox version. Do you know if the Featured image is simply tagged as a image part of all the media of that individual post ie wordpress attaches all uploads to each individual post. I am asking because if WP has it in its core to group all pictures in the same post then using a separate gallery plugin won t change the gallery showing the Featured Image.

    I wonder if the Featured Image is tagged with a custom field? Do you know that? If so it should be easy to add code in the gallery loop to exclude an image with the ‘featured image’ title or custom code. What do you think?


    The Featured Image is attached to the post by WordPress. It doesn’t use custom fields.

    The Media Library handles all images – you can use a gallery plugin to grab all images and display an “image gallery”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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