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    I had removed the header’s links easily with help obtained on these boards.

    I’ve been trying to put a frame next to an image and, I don’t know how, I “managed” to add an unwanted header above my logo/header image.

    I know where the problem is (2 unwanted “<p>” tags in the “body” part that appear with Firebug) but I just can’t find the file where I can edit and suppress these two <p>. Help would be much appreciated since I’ve spent two hours on this problem without being able to fix it.

    My website :


    There must be something that interferes with my .css because my search bar also has a problem now : the custom.css is OK (it uses the right color) but somehow my font won’t appear anymore in the bar…



    I think you edited header.php. You might accidentally insert a line break below

    <body id="top" <?php body_class(avia_get_option('boxed'). " ".avia_get_browser()); ?>>

    Remove the space.

    Why did you move the code from the head tag?




    I really don’t know how I did it, I was working on a page and it somehow modified the header apparently…

    I’ve suppressed the blank but it doesn’t solve my problem.


    Here is how the line looks in header.php :

    The bold part is the part that I erase to make the change but it doesn’t make any difference.


    Hi Drucci,

    That looks like its being done by a plugin incorrectly modifying the header. The body code seems to be rendering fine.





    Did you say you erased it? So how does the code look like now ? This is how that line is supposed to look

    <body id="top" <?php body_class(avia_get_option('boxed'). " ".avia_get_browser()); ?>>

    You really shouldn’t erase that space, its there to separate the classes, and without it some will not be correctly read.




    Thanks a lot, it was indeed a plugin that was incorrectly modifying the header! For information, it was the “Dropcap” plugin (

    Thanks, and sorry for the trouble but now I understand how it got modified while I didn’t touch the header or anything else.



    No trouble. Glad that Devin set you back on track!



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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