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    When a user clicks a Portfolio item, it brings them to another page with the enlarged portfolio view and the description to the right. Is there a way for me to remove the “hover / lightbox” feature on this image? I have the portfolio setup as “Show on Single Page” which display the thumbnails as links to the larger image and description, however once on this page, I don’t have the need to the hover. I would like a solution that I can either place in my child theme folder or as Custom CSS (since I would like to avoid making these changes everytime there is an update if possible)



    Here is the link for reference: http://goo.gl/l2sVM


    Anyone have a suggestion for this? Thanks



    Add this on your custom.css

    .single-portfolio .image_overlay_effect.lightbox_image, .single-portfolio .image_overlay_effect_inside {
    display: none !important;




    Hi, This remove the hover image, which is great, however I’d like for the lightbox to be disable all together on these if possible…




    Open up angular/js/avia.js and replace:



    jQuery('.single-portfolio .slideshow a').find('img').unwrap();




    This doesn’t resolver the issue…. when a user clicks on a portfolio item and is brought to the single portfolio page, the images still load up the lightbox when clicked… Anything else I can try??

    The first image in the set has to “link to the post” in order to open the single page, so it’s this image that is causing the lightbox to open…


    I just checked your avia.js ( http://www.createdesign.ca/newsite/wp-content/themes/cre8iv/js/avia.js ) and I can’t find the code I posted above – please add it and we’ll check why it doesn’t work.


    It works now! I have no idea what happened, but it works. I had tried it, didn’t work, so then I put the old code back in…. Just updated it again so you could view, and now it works? Maybe a refresh issue on my end??

    Anyways, it’s functioning the way it should – Thanks!


    Question – Is there a way for me to get this file to function in my child theme?? In case of future updates, I’d like to keep this function…




    These tutorials explain how to add jquery to your child theme

    http://steveminordesign.com/2011/02/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -a-wordpress-child-theme/

    The thing is, you will still need to do a character by character comparison between your avia.js and the avia.js that is being updated because the update could well rewrite that section of the code.

    Also try creating a js folder in your child theme and drop the avia.js file inside it.




    I like to use a different lightbox plugin for few post. So how can I disable the current lightbox on few post and portfolio items?


    If you want to deactivate the default lightbox which comes with the theme open up angular/js/avia.js and delete

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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