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    how can I remove the title only on the ‘default template’ without it disappearing in the ‘blog overview’

    They seem to have the same css attribute.

    I essentially need a default page with no title but with a sidebar.


    VELVET THEME, Minimal Skin.



    Open up page.php and delete following line:

    echo avia_display_heading();

    If you want to remove the title from fullwidth pages you need to edit template-fullwidth.php instead.

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    Thanks Dude, it didn’t work but it was a good hint to solve it:

    I took out this line in loop-page.php

    $heading_style = strpos(avia_post_meta($this_id, 'heading_style'), 'special');

    is this a bad mistake or is it ok to do?

    Thanks again,




    Have you tried creating a regular page to see how it looks and compared it to the way it looked before? If you are fine with the end result, that’s all what matters.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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