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    How do i remove all borders from the theme?


    Hi Benjaminlivingthebrand!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    .main_color, .main_color div, .main_color header, .main_color main, .main_color aside, .main_color footer, .main_color article, .main_color nav, .main_color section, .main_color span, .main_color applet, .main_color object, .main_color iframe, .main_color h1, .main_color h2, .main_color h3, .main_color h4, .main_color h5, .main_color h6, .main_color p, .main_color blockquote, .main_color pre, .main_color a, .main_color abbr, .main_color acronym, .main_color address, .main_color big, .main_color cite, .main_color code, .main_color del, .main_color dfn, .main_color em, .main_color img, .main_color ins, .main_color kbd, .main_color q, .main_color s, .main_color samp, .main_color small, .main_color strike, .main_color strong, .main_color sub, .main_color sup, .main_color tt, .main_color var, .main_color b, .main_color u, .main_color i, .main_color center, .main_color dl, .main_color dt, .main_color dd, .main_color ol, .main_color ul, .main_color li, .main_color fieldset, .main_color form, .main_color label, .main_color legend, .main_color table, .main_color caption, .main_color tbody, .main_color tfoot, .main_color thead, .main_color tr, .main_color th, .main_color td, .main_color article, .main_color aside, .main_color canvas, .main_color details, .main_color embed, .main_color figure, .main_color fieldset, .main_color figcaption, .main_color footer, .main_color header, .main_color hgroup, .main_color menu, .main_color nav, .main_color output, .main_color ruby, .main_color section, .main_color summary, .main_color time, .main_color mark, .main_color audio, .main_color video, #top .main_color .pullquote_boxed, .responsive #top .main_color .avia-testimonial, .responsive #top.avia-blank #main .main_color.container_wrap:first-child, #top .main_color.fullsize .template-blog .post_delimiter { border: none; border-color: transparent; }



    Works thx!

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