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    I am looking around the theme and I do not find anywhere the option to remove pages from showing it on main menu bar.

    I have used other themes and simply you mention the page id and you can choose from showing it or not from the main menu in front page.

    Can anyone help me how to set up this menu options.

    I know there is the new menu management on WP 3.0 but I have tried to create a custom menu using the AVISIO dummy data but it is not doing anything…

    Thank you in advance!!




    Please have a look at the documentation:

    The Dude


    Hi Dude,

    Thank you for your quick answer, but I have already set up a custom menu and it is not showing the pages I want to show in main theme menu…right now it is showing all pages which are added to the theme.

    I have no idea what to do next…This theme should have more clear this option I think.

    Thank you in advance.



    Did you select pages and/or categories on the left side and did you add them to the menu? You can order the menu items after you added them to your menu. Maybe you created two menus – Avisio just supports one. There’s a drop down field located on the left called ” Primary Navigation” – did you select the right menu there?

    The Dude


    Thank you Dude for the reply, but it is getting worse. I deleted the menu “main” which the theme brought and I created another one with the 3 pages I wanted to show up in the menu bar. Then it suddenly the pages have shown the page text below the menu options.

    Then I deleted the menu which I created and leave it only one, as you commented. I left “main” menu only.

    But it has broken..I enclose a picture of what it happened, and also the configuration in menu page:

    Thank you in advance again for your interest, really appreciated.



    Ah ok you’ve a problem with the description – If you click on the field “pagina” another field called description shouls appear. Here you can enter a short description text – sometimes it shows the whole page content as default. If you can’t find the description field after you clicked on “pagina” you need to add the description field to your admin view – this can be done by clicking on “screen options” at the very top at the menu options page.


    The Dude



    Thank you so much for your help. Actually, I had not payed attention to this menu options you have showed me. Right now I see the powerful WP3 can be regarding the menus and its customization.

    What I have checked is that I have to uncheck the Description box otherwise any long or short description text is shown below the main menu option. So I had to uncheck description to avoid any text.

    I only would like to know if the menu width options can be modified somewhere in the code or CSS Style. After starting working I see that easily you can reach the Logotype area. I count with 7 options in menu bar you get too close to the logo zone.

    Thank you again for your help



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