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    I’m setting this WordPress up for my parents who are very poor with the computer and want to rename the theme “Corona” to “DONTTOUCH” so they do not try and activate other themes or touch it at all. How can I do this without breaking the style sheet? I’ve tried renaming the folder and the style.css but the homepage seems to break.


    Hi danielecho!

    Our framework saves the options based on the theme name – by going this way we make sure that the user doesn’t accidentally overwrite the theme options if he/she switches from one Kriesi theme to another theme. If you change the folder/stylesheet name you must reconfigure all theme options on the theme option page (Corona > Theme Options). Or you can search for the option data field in the wp_options table called “avia_options_corona” and rename the field to “avia_options_donttouch”. However make a database backup first :)



    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.
    I’ve renamed the folders “donttouch” and edited the style.css file with “donttouch”. I still get the same problem.

    I haven’t done much to the site at all, so configuring theme options is not an issue.



    Wouldn’t be better to limit their user’s capabilities with a plugin like this one or this one?



    I’d rather not install a plugin that isn’t permanent pending wordpress or site updates. I need a permanent option.




    Then rename your theme name, but you’d need to set the Styling options from scratch. If you don’t want this to happen follow Peter’s instruction:

    Or you can search for the option data field in the wp_options table called “avia_options_corona” and rename the field to “avia_options_donttouch”.

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    Try changing them from this page:


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    The field shows “SERIALIZED DATA” and I cannot modify the field going through my wp-admin/options.php



    It really should only be a two step process of changing the folder name and main style.css. There is nothing else needed unless you are trying to recover the settings from previous set up.

    The best option in your case is to lower their accounts to Editor level so they don’t even have access to change WordPress settings and just add in content.


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