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    hello there,

    i am looking to change the small “copyright so & so” text on the flashlight side menu to a very small image.

    where within the css would i safely make this edit?

    i sincerely appreciate any help,




    You can find the code in sidebar.php – search for:

    echo "<span class='copyright'>".__('&copy; Copyright','avia_framework')." <a href='".home_url('/')."'>".get_bloginfo('name')."</a></span>";

    and replace everything between:

    <span class='copyright'>



    with any other html content.


    excellent, very helpful.

    however, it will allow me to take this code out in a stable fashion (thus nothing displays in the copyright area), but to simply drop…

    (bracket)img src=”http://www.blahblahblah.com/wp-content/uploads//lil.jpg” (close bracket)

    in between these two tags crashes everything. i need to learn me some CSS don’t I?

    (html I’m good, but CSS.. not so good).

    once again, thank you kindly for your time.



    Instead of:

    <img src="http://www.blahblahblah.com/wp-content/uploads//lil.jpg" />


    <img src='http://www.blahblahblah.com/wp-content/uploads//lil.jpg' />




    Once again Peter,

    You are a prince, thank you kindly for your help.




    Glad to hear that Peter was solved the problem for you. :)

    Cheers Ismael

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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