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    I’ve downloaded the new Replete version, and checked the changelog. Thanks for the update.

    However, I use a file/folder compare tool, and I see no change (compared to version 1.2) in the following files which Kriesi says have been updated:

    – file: functions-replete.php :added function for dynamic.css generation

    – file: includes/admin/register-plugins.php updated to latest version

    – file: css/dynamic-css.php small changes

    Also, If anyone is interested in, I see changes in files not reported in version file: archive.php, header.php and taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php

    Could you please confirm me this is OK or if we have to wait for a new version shortly containing functions-replete.php, register-plugins.php and dynamic-css.php?

    Thank you.


    Hi Mvinyes,

    I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi. There was an additional 1.3.1 update for some additional woocommerce fixes but some of the changes may have been in 1.2 that are being included in the changelog for 1.3.

    I don’t see any changes in header.php or archive.php in the past month but I think what might have happened is an update that wasn’t pushed and recorded.

    Either way thank you for bringing it to our attention and we’ll get it all sorted out now.





    definitely something wrong with the version…

    there is no any changes regarding added function for dynamic.css generation,update to the latest version of the framework that allows to generate css files on the fly, etc.

    Below all the 1.3 changes in version txt is the line >>>>>>> Abundance 1.8 Woocomemrce 2.0 update ???

    In header we have ‘deactivate_seo’ function, lines 18-38, there is no any mentions in change log except for woocommerce – file: config-woocommerce/config.php – improved seo for title, updated all classnames to the new .woocommerce- prefix

    We definitely need to know exact files that are changed, not to look at file compare tool for every update.



    Not happy about this…I’m so sick of having to try and troubleshoot especially when I just spent days rebuilding my site using a fresh install of Replete and everything was working perfectly until now. I seriously regret updating the theme and woocommerce

    For some reason my product pages are a mess and my shop page is completely whacky.

    Some serious formatting issues that are affecting shop pages/products.

    Back to banging my head against a brick wall…sigh



    Version 1.3.1 contains file changes i missed in the 1.3 changelog. So… all fine!! Thanks Devin.

    To pcprincess7, it was our choice to modify manually the Theme, so we must face the consequences it imply (having to update new versions manually). However, I would recommend a free tool which helped me track version changes. It is WinMerge. It compares to entire folders, so you can compare exactly changes in folders and files within them.

    Best regards,



    Sorry for the problems. For some reason it seems the theme Update didn’t go live on themeforest. It is now available with all the promised changes ;)

    @pcprincess77: Since the woocommerce update was such a big one there is unfortunately always a good chance that something breaks when updating. My own approach when I use software, whether by big or small companies is to wait a week or two before upgrading. This usually insures that most of the bugs are sorted out and fixed. I dont know if this is a viable approach in your case but I am quite happy with it, maybe its something you want to try in the future :)


    Kriesi I should have specified that woocommerce is what’s been driving me nuts. I love your work and have three of your themes.

    I’ll be back at it shortly and will re-download the files from themeforest.



    Great, and thanks for the clarification, glad that you like our themes :)

    I will close this for now, ich you have any other problems feel free to open a new thread ;)



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