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    My cleint has a few requests.

    For the top right of the page we need to Have it be the following (on the right side of the header (directly on top of each other):

    social icons on top
    Search bar (middle)
    English | Chinese | Spanish

    Shift the Navigation menu.
    First of all, we have to shift the navigation over to the right.

    Remove the search from the top of the page

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    1) To remove the search box open up header.php and delete following code:

    							if(!avia_woocommerce_enabled() || avia_get_option('header_search') != 'product')

    Afterwards you can shift the top menu with following css code

    .sub_menu {
    right: 0px;

    to the right. I recommend to insert it into the quick css field.

    Replete does not support social icons in the header though and some customization work would be required.


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    You should edit page you would like and add “Featured Media” under “Slideshow Options” http://i.imgur.com/pgDTtJH.jpg


    Great thank you one last question.

    I would like the mini menu upper to have a larger font.

    I used

    #menu_container a {
    font-size: 14px !important;

    Which changed the main menu

    what code would I use for the mini menu by search.




    You can add following code to Quick CSS and adjust as desired

    .sub_menu { font-size: 14px; }

    Best regards,

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