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    we use woocommerce with WPML for a multilingual site, and so far it seemed to work fine. Note that the default language is English.

    For an unknown reason the product page in the 2nd language, it seems not to load correctly for all products in the translated language.

    It does not load the tabs with additional info and the reviews correct and if this helps you help me with this, in the chrome console I noticed the following error:

    <i>Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #mobileMenu_menu-main-menu-%ce%b5%ce%bb%ce%bb%ce%b7%ce%bd%ce%b9%ce%ba%ce%b1 jquery.js:2
    nt.error jquery.js:2
    ut jquery.js:2
    vt jquery.js:2
    g.querySelectorAll.vt jquery.js:2
    nt jquery.js:2
    v.fn.extend.find jquery.js:2
    v.fn.v.init jquery.js:2
    v jquery.js:2
    menuExists avia.js:2305
    run avia.js:2423
    (anonymous function) avia.js:2443
    v.extend.each jquery.js:2
    v.fn.v.each jquery.js:2
    $.fn.mobileMenu avia.js:2431
    (anonymous function) avia.js:31
    l jquery.js:2
    c.fireWith jquery.js:2
    v.extend.ready jquery.js:2

    on jquery.js and on avia.js

    Don’t know how to fix this.

    Up until yesterday it seemed to work perfect.

    It’s important we find a solution to it….!!!!!


    Hi ,

    What is your other language? Greek?

    I just update a function for you with Greek letters. You need to open up file /framework/php/function-set-avia-backend.php inside that folder structure, and find lines 89-128 , with line 89 looking like


    and line 128 looking like


    and delete everything in between those lines including lines 89 and 128 .

    You will need to go to this url and copy that entire function found there, and then paste it in place of what you deleted (lines 89-128)

    This function is used internally for naming certain variables and classes and thus needs to translate into Latin. Visitors to your website will not see this.




    Yes, the language is Greek.

    I did the changes but the problem is still there.

    Upgraded the theme, the wordpress version and woocommerce.

    When I use replete’s responsive layout option on Greek Languages it messes up with the style.

    If I use the fixed version it seems ok.

    The thing is that the reason we chose to use replete theme is because of it’s responsiveness abilities among others.

    Help please!


    Please note that the system info are the following

    WC Version: 2.0.13

    WC Database Version: 2.0.13

    WP Version: WP 3.6

    PHP Version: 5.3.27

    WP Memory Limit: 128 MB

    Theme Name: Replete

    Theme Version: 1.5


    For now a quick fix is to rename the menu. Just use latin characters for the menu name and re-save it. Eg call the main menu “Main Menu” and the top menu “Sub Menu” and it should work. We’ll change the menu classes & ids in the next version and then you should be able to use Greek characters, etc. for the menu name(s) too.

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