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    following situation: I use Gmail-Apps for my Domain, there I set an Auto-Responder while I’m on vaccation. But the contact form which comes with Replete does its mail sending via the Webserver and not via Gmail, so far so clear, I hope.

    When one uses the contact form he does not get my auto-responder message, instead I get a lots of Mail Delivery Subsystem Warning messages, cause the Return-Path is set to to some (Email address hidden if logged out) insted of the Mail-adress of the sender.

    Can I change this behaviour somewhere in the theme?

    Thank you



    Hey! The latest theme version now uses the wp_mail function to send its mails. this means you can use plugins that modify the mail sending and use a smtp server like this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/

    I dont know if its actually possible to pull off what you like but I would imagine that it could work. you just need to make sure to run the latest version of replete :)


    Hi Kriesi,

    actually there are too much mods done and to much other projects in the pipeline that an theme update is not possilble at least for the next three month.

    I also asked my provider for help and he suggested to modify something here at lines 514 & 524:


    do you may have an suggestion how I could change it to get the sender into return-path?

    Thanks a lot




    you can update in 15 minutes flat. i am sure 15 minutes is not that significant. i always use http://www.winmerge.org free tool to compare the folder of the old-theme (folder of current theme in use) to new-theme (folder with the update) and get a line by line difference between the two. then its just deciding whether each block of code was part of your customization or not. its also a good time to add comments next to your customizations so that during the next update you can do it even faster.




    pardon, no way to an update!

    15min. yeah great, if there are no other software at all.

    I’ve been working long time to get the shop running, inbetween there where updates to woo, to wp, to other plugins and to replete etc. none of any updates where acomplished in 15min ever – by the way, I documented my changes very well.

    just want to get this return-path into that script !!!





    Can you look in Users in admin area at your main admin account and see what you have set for your email address? Whether its the email you pasted above or not.

    I am terribly sorry, but we don’t have the version of the theme you are using but the current version, and the lines you mentioned 1st one is empty and 2nd one has a comment on it. So even if we gave you the code, where would you put it, since it will work with the current version and not the one you are using. So that means you have 2 options:

    1) Update the theme (not woocommerce or any other plugin) and if you do it via ftp , none of your settings are disturbed.

    2) Install the plugin Kriesi recommended , which is a non invasive plugin and backup your setup before just in case.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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