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    Hello guys,

    I’ve decided to remove the images/icons from my main menu because it’s too much of a pain to add/remove pages. Although i loved the technique and am very appreciative for all the help I received.

    I removed all the code in all the places and I cannot for the life of me style the menu items now. I can style it in “real time,” but when I save it, it doesn’t take.

    Here is the original thread of what I applied before : http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -icons/

    And if it helps, here is my URL : http://www.patrickneve.com

    Thanks for the help fellas,



    Hey Pat!

    I see the main menu without icons.



    Wow, quick response Josue! Thanks buddy.

    yes, it’s displaying correctly, but any styling I try to do to it (change font-family, size, weight, etc) won’t apply. It will in real time when I’m using Firebug, but when I add the customizations to the custom.css folder, then save, . . . nothing happens. I try to use !important declarations as well, but no success.

    I feel retarded.

    Any ideas? What am I missing?




    Did you set the file permission on custom.css correctly? Try 755 or add the code on Quick CSS field.



    Whoops, sorry Ismael, I bounce back and fourth between themes so much that I get them mixed up. I DID add the code to the Quick CSS field.

    And I’ve never really messed with permissions before. I’m afraid to. lol Do i need to do this from my server?



    I really need some help with this fellas. I’m stuck. ;-(

    Cannot style my menu —the first thing people see.





    I am still curious about the permissions.

    Why would I have to mess with the permissions after customizing and updating for over a year? How could this go wrong out of nowhere. I read up on changing permissions and they highly discourage from doing this unless absolutely necessary.

    What are your thoughts?



    Hello Josue,

    Thanks so much for the reply on a Sunday! Unfortunately, I tried as you suggested and this had no affect.

    Boy, this is so odd. It has to have something to do with the menu images I removed. Maybe I did something incorrectly.

    Going to dig back in and see if I can see anything. I might want to refer back to the instructions that the moderator gave me to add the menu images to begin. Maybe this will help.


    I wish I could get Nick on board with this discussion. I bet since he originally helped me add images in place of my menu items, he might know where i went wrong when i “undid” it.

    Original discussion : http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -icons/



    What changes are you trying to apply on the menus? Go to Appearance > Menus, click Screen Options then enable CSS Classes. Looks like Nick gave you an instruction before to add unique css class for each menu items. Remove those then try again.



    I’m trying to change the menu font size, family, and color. No css customizations will apply. And I made sure that I removed all the css classes. Tried adding the custom css to the .base, .layout, and .grid files on the server as well. Nothing. Ha! If I had hair I would pull it out right now.

    Thank you for your patience while we figure this out. If I would have known how much trouble this would cause I would’ve left the menu icons/images.



    Ok, I resolved the issue! I have not added any new plugins, but i decided to “deactivate” all the plugins, then after “reactivating” all of them again caused the issue to go away. It was like one of the plugins needed to be (reset) or something. There’s a first for everything.

    Seems like the job of a web designer involves 60% troubleshooting! Ha!

    Thanks for your diligent help guys.

    Conclusion: Try deactivating all plugins, then reactivating.


    Indeed it is, that was kinda weird though, glad we could help, let us know if you any other questions or issues :)



    Hello Josue,

    So what’s even weirder than that is that now my menu is correct, but no other css customizations will apply in the Quick css area.

    I think I’m going to update my theme and see if this helps. What’s your take on this?



    Please let us know if updating the theme fix the issue.


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