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    I bought this theme and i like it a lot.

    But i can’t put my site “on the web” because there’s a bug, that is still there: when we add a right sidebar in a certain page, it appears on the left sidebar!?!

    I wrote to you about this bug, one month ago, and I’m still waiting.

    You can find everything explained here:

    So then:

    – or you correct it;

    – or you give me money back.

    It is unfair this behavior.

    Sorry to write that, but i’m waiting since one month and i didn’t receive back any answer (apart from recognizing the bug) and so i’m bored now.


    Hey! I ve now had time to look into the issue more closely.

    Unfortunately this is a limitation by design at the moment. If you need a custom right sidebar for specific pages I recommend to do the following:

    Lets say you have a page called “Welcome” and you want it to have a custom right sidebar: first of all add the new widget area for this page in Flashlight Theme Options -> Sidebar.

    Then open your widget settings at appearance -> widgets: you will notice that you now got a new widget area for the welcome page. however if you add a widget to the area it will always display at the left side.

    If you want it to appear on the right add the following code to your to sidebar.php line 18:

    $nowidgets_left = true;

    if you would want to do the same for several pages (eg: sample Page, Contact and This is so cool) the code would look like this:

    if(is_page('welcome') || is_page('sample-page') || is_page('contact') || is_page('this-is-so-cool') )
    $nowidgets_left = true;

    At the moment this unfortunately needs to be hard coded. I will look for a better way to introduce that feature into the theme with an update.

    Best regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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