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    angular theme

    Hi two quick questions

    1. how do i get the rss feed off the top icons.

    2.my portfolio on internet explorer is messed up firefox is fine but for some reason on iexplorer all of the images are blacked out. on my portfolio?



    Do you experience the same thing here when you look at it with IE

    http://www.kriesi.at/themes/angular/template-files/portfolio-4-columns/ ?

    Please provide a url to your website since this is a unique issue that requires for us to see the actual page with the code in order to give you meaningful assistance.




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your assistance!

    No that link is fine when viewing in IE

    Basically I changed the code in a thread that I saw here to have it so the portfolio is clear but then goes darker on a selected image its totally fine on firefox but IE all the images are blacked out.

    Do you have an address I can send the link to as dont really want to show it off till roll out?

    Kind Regards



    Hi Lee,

    It sounds like you might have used some css which isn’t supported in IE. You can use a url obfiscator like http://goo.gl/ or google the css you used to find a working IE alternative that will allow for the customization to have cross browser support.




    Hi Devin,

    I used this that was in this post followed it to the word and its fine in firefox safari, its just not working in IE for some reason


    i sent an email to your address I’ll resend again.




    Sorry i thought i had sent it to you but sent it to Dudes



    What if you changed in that code all the places that show opacity:1 .. change that to opacity:0.7

    Does that do anything on IE? My email is usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com




    Hey Nick,

    I sent the email to you,



    Hey Nick,

    I tried your suggestion it did not work? any other alternatives?



    It’s ok I went down an alternative route,

    Thanks guys for your help much appreciated :)



    I never got any email. Ok. Sorry we didn’t get the chance to crack this for you.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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