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    I think I posted this yesterday, but I cannot find it any more.

    In the Enfold Demo there is this section that has a scrolling feature. (where stands: In case you need help)

    How can I achieve this effect. I know it has something to do with a Color Section.
    In firebug I found that is is achieved by using a parallax-ratio:

    v id="av_section_6" class="avia-section socket_color avia-section-default avia-no-shadow avia-full-stretch av-parallax-section avia-builder-el-47 el_after_av_section el_before_av_section container_wrap fullsize">
    <div class="av-parallax avia-full-stretch" style="background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image: url(""); background-attachment: scroll; background-position: center top; height: 522.8px; transform: translate3d(0px, 41px, 0px);" data-avia-parallax-ratio="0.3"></div>

    But I can’t find this feature anywhere and I want to edit it in somehow.

    Can you help me out on this?
    Thank you!


    Hey Aerny!

    Please download the latest version of Enfold and update your theme. Use the Color Section then add a background image. Look for “Background Attachment” and select the “Parallax” effect.



    Hey Ismael,

    Awesome! Thanks for pointing me to the new feature. Thanks!
    Is there also a way to alter the percentage speed, somehow . . ?

    Thanks again, Arnold



    Yes – you can use a filter to change it. Open up functions.php and insert this code at the very bottom:

    add_filter('avf_parallax_speed','avia_change_parallax_ratio', 10, 2);
    function avia_change_parallax_ratio($ratio, $id){
    $ratio = "0.3";
    return $ratio;

    By default the ratio is set to 0.3 but you can set a higher value (0.5) to increase the speed or a lower value to decrease it.



    Wow, awesome idea! Thanks for pointing this out Peter!

    Can I paste this directly in the functions.php or is it better to past this in a custom_functions.php file?

    Another question: does this newly added function bring in a box where one can change the values, or is it to be edited within the code itself?

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    You can add the code tp the parent theme functions.php (enfold/functions.php) or to the child theme functions.php. You must change the ratio directly in the code. If many users request a ratio option will add a new option field to the color section.


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