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    Hi Kriesi and team

    I am super happy with the theme flagship, which I am using right now.

    My page is called “”

    Still have some questions though:

    1. How do I delete the search box in the header?

    2. How can I include share with Facebook and Twitter on every “portfolio item post?

    3. On your Flagship demo page you have a background picture and some text sliding over it.

    Every time I include a background picture it is cut and looks pretty bad. See example:

    How can I archive the same effect that in your demo page?

    Thank you



    Hi Cdfb,

    I sincerely apologize for the long wait, the fault is entirely mine.

    To delete the search box, please paste the code below into the Quick CSS, which can be found under the Styling Tab in the Flagship Theme Options.

    .title_container #searchform{display: none;}

    It is very difficult for me to asses your settings regarding the backend picture. If possible, please create a temporary account for me with a password and email to usjahm [at] .




    Hi Nick

    10000 thanks for the super competent support!

    Wish you all the best!



    Hi Carolina,

    For #2, you’ll need to use a social plugin that can either properly hook into the theme (most do) or one that allows you to add in a bit of php to say where the social share buttons should be included. Then, you’ll add that to includes>loop-portfolio-single.php where ever you want the share buttons to appear.

    For #3, what you have right now is actually the same effect as on the demo. You’ll need to remove the white space at the top of your image so that it is not cut off when expanded to fill the entire background of the page. See:




    Hi Nick/Devin

    Thanks for the info about hiding the search box, it has worked on my site but im now having a problem with the text above the search box?

    I have added more than just a phone number and it is moving upwards rather than down the page see here:

    Thanks a lot



    Hi Rob,

    The box isn’t coded to support that much text so you’ll need to modify it a bit. Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .header_meta {
    position: absolute;
    height: 50px;
    top: 60%;

    Above, I’ve changed the height and where it gets aligned a bit. You can adjust those values as needed.





    Thanks Devin

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