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    OK… So you guys have me seriously considering Choices instead of Cohrence for a band’s website. But Choices comes with its own questions…

    1. Is the SEARCH box at the top of the home page supposed to stick out past the right edge of the header area? This is most obvious with the predone style “PINK.” If this is deliberate, can it be shifted left to line up in a more traditional manner?

    2. Can the social media icons at the top either be switched or removed? I’d like to use more obvious, larger, solid-colored icons for FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

    3. I am planning to use Portfolios for different music albums and/or songs. I’d also like to have photo galleries for things like tours, but not mixed in with album Portfolios. Also, ideally, I’d like to have a page with one photo from each gallery and when you click on that photo, you go to a sub-page with all of the photos from the gallery. In other words, the main “Photo Gallery” page might have six photos — one for each tour — with a text title under each. When you click on that image, you get a page with thumbnails from all 20 pictures from that tour. What is the best way to achieve this with Choices? If not possible with the built-in functionality, is there a gallery plugin that works well with Kriesi’s framework and would achieve what I need?



    No. 1 and 2 can be change using css and changing the default images provided with the theme.

    No. 3 can be achieved using Choices. You can create a portfolio page then link each thumbnail on a different page containing gallery of images or another portfolio page with images.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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