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    Hi, well sorry for posting this again, but it just seems you didn’t want to reply the first thread so i will try again..

    How can I make custom header for different pages? You know replacing the Page Title / Search Site / Share-icons with someting of your own?



    you can reply to your older topics to move them up again when not replied to. It happens we miss a topic here and there.

    It’s not possible to create a custom header for different pages without modifying the code with a bunch of statements saying:

    “if you’re on this page display this, elseif display this, elseif display this, …” this isn’t within the scope of the support forum.

    If there’s anything else please let us know :)

    Best regards,



    Okey thanks, that’s what i thought.

    Well a big missing part i think. It is really usefull to get a almost complete customizable theme, so maybe you should consider it?

    Nevertheless where can I edit this, if i want to make this bunch of statements myself?


    Hi Elledinho,

    You could also do this with a lot of CSS styling as well. Since wordpress makes each page body have a custom page class, you could use Firebug (for Firefox) to inspect the pages you wanted to have custom headers on and then add attributes for the class on that page you want to modify. It would be a bit messy, but if you are more comfortable with CSS than PHP its an alternative.

    You would need to add the php queries to the page templates you wanted to use custom headers with.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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