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    And hi again. And apologies if this is not a support question but I was wondering if there’s a painless way of creating a secondary menu under the main one similar to say Newscast? I’d rather not use a menu widget to minimise things that can break. And I know how to make a theme support two menus by changing header.php and css but it was a bit unpredictable in past with complex themes.

    So my question I guess is shall I try at all? :)

    Thank you!!!


    PS I mean shall I try the conventional way or there’s a way specific to this theme? Secondary menu does not need to be with jquery for dropdowns. Just a simple secondary menu.



    the question is beyond the scope of this support forum but I can give you small hints. You can add the menu in header.php and register the menu in functions.php. I’d place the register code after:

    register_nav_menu('avia', THEMENAME.' Main Menu');

    I’m not sure if the standard menu will be styled correct or if css adjustments are required…


    Aha, thank you! Will give it a try. CSS issues don’t bother me. Its the fact that in past z index didnt work correctly when I added secondary menu. I.e. first menu dropdowns were always hidden under secondary one, even if the correct index was set up in stone.

    Thank u again, E



    Incarnation theme: Is there a way to have the secondary menu in the top of the Header and not in the footer?



    Hi Madabel5,

    Kindly create a new thread/post under Incarnation.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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