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    My WP version is 3.8 and Flashlight latest version 2.4.1.

    I setup a gallery for front page with semi transparent background (dark-solid.png). on front page load I can see the pattern overlay but when I move the pointer on top of the left main menu nav, the overlay in gone… do you know why ?


    Hey Sahar!

    Maybe some css code overwrites the pattern/background code. Can you post a link to your website please?


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    I couldn’t find the overlay on the front page but I noticed that you also used it on other pages. Please try to insert following code into the quick css field

    .background_overlay {
    z-index: 4 !important;


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    Hi Peter,

    I now notice this problem exist only in chrome browser. Can you please check that ? it seems like the initial background transition isn’t working,

    On Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE (latest 2 version of each) it is working just fine.




    Please try adding !important rule to your custom CSS as following

    .background_overlay { background-image: url(http://*****/wp-content/themes/flashlight/images/patterns/dark-solid.png)!important;

    Best regards,

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    See it showing on every page without issue in Chrome on my end. Maybe it is just a cache issue and your local cache is outdated in Chrome.



    Hi Devin,

    On every page it looks ok, just not on the homepage, Cache is disabled. homepage appear dark and only when I move with the mouse over the left column (the menu) I see the correct bg image
    I tried with Chrome v32 and also the latest beta Version 33.0.1750.46




    I tested it using Chrome, this is what I see:

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    Please edit the home page then look for Gallery Options > Do you want to display a tiled semi-transparent background pattern in front of the background?.


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    For each of us it appears correct even on the first load. Without being able to see and experience it first hand there isn’t anything that I can think of to suggest.

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