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    I am just getting started with the SEO of my new website and I was curious to if does plugin SEO pressor or any other SEO plugin provide different results using between the ‘Default’ and the ‘Advanced’ layout editor with the Enfold theme?

    Here is what I did:
    I got a page from my site I made using the advanced layout editor, optimized it with SEO Pressor and got a score of 65.86%.

    I then copied the content (not including the gallery and other widgets, to a new page with the Default Editor and “refreshed” the results and got a score of 109.93% and it picked up that my image alt tag names were over optimized. It didn’t notice this with the advanced layout editor.

    Here is a screen shot of the results:" alt=" (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ” />

    I have my page right here:

    Keywords Targeting: Wedding DJ Hire

    1. Does Google read the page the same way SEO Pressor sees the page? (based on the different layouts)

    2. If not, How does Google read the page? As you see it in the advanced layout and the front end of the website?

    OR does it convert it to the way the default editor like converting a HTML email to plain text…. How does this work because I want to know if I SHOULD? … be optimizing my pages with SEO Pressor of my content either…

    1. Pasted into the default editor and then bought back to the advanced layout editor so it can read the page from top to bottom clearly OR
    2. Just use SEO Pressor AS IS, with the advanced layout editor and trust that answer is correct and that Google reads it that way too?

    Please help!


    Hello discosourcedjs!

    SEO is an extremely large and varied topic. Depending on what brand of punch you are drinking from there is conflicting advice available from day to day. Google for instance recommends just making your site content as accurate to the user as possible and they will take care of the rest. Other places may suggest to only use one single H1 element or a specific number of keywords.

    How you choose to optimize is up to you but what the theme does is produce properly formatted html with what Kriesi believes to be good general SEO practices.

    The image alt tag information could be from you changing the data in between layouts, or just the difference between how WordPress defaults to adding data to an image vs how its handled through the image shortcode. I’ve never heard of any warnings about over-optimization on it before however and I’m not familiar with SEO Pressor at all or what its actually basing its score on or what it means by too-much/too-little.

    Right now the “authority” on WordPress would be Yoast SEO which has a lot of good articles and discussions on best practices:



    Thanks. Ill give YOAST a try!

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